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2006-02-09 // 9:14 a.m.

My return debut log

Who would believe it, but I am back. I went over to another blog for a while. Some would say with some superior and more advanced features. It was nice! I liked some of them, but what it lacked was the contact. Sure, once you made the contacts, you could each read each others diaries, but you had to do that. Most of the people, who read this blog/diary, are ON Diaryland. Have been for years, might post elsewhere, but lots of the inspirational and insightful thoughts are here. If you want raw material, if you want to cut through to the core issues, with uncensored content, then this is the place to be.

Why did I leave? Simple, the reason was the spam. I am hoping 2 yrs down the line, (Yes, according the diary, it HAS been two years!) that the problem is better controlled. Andrew in fact contacted Me when I told him the reason I decided to leave Diaryland. Although he didnít seem to get to the root of the problem, he WAS concerned as to why I was getting sooo much junk mail.

Why did I come back? Simply because I got an e-mail to tell me that someone posted a comment to my diary, albeit that the last post was something like 2 yrs back. So, to that person, thank you! To those of you who read Me here. I hope you havenít totally deserted and that you continue to read for the future.

My life has changed considerably over the last two years (I would be worried if it hadnít) but for insights into that, and the future, you WILL have to CONTINUE reading. Ironically, I posted more frequently, and more in total, to this diary, than to ANY other (Even those who I stayed with for a longer period). So Diaryland MUST be doing SOMETHING right. :)

Finally, to all those who pointed out an error with the page graphics, those should now be fixed. If something doesnít look right. PLEASE!! DONT BE AFRAID TO LET ME KNOW. !!

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